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Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business – Marketing and Advertising

Starting a carpet cleaning business can seem simple to many individuals, but as with any business venture for the entrepreneur marketing and advertising can be a make or break. Here are a few helpful tips for marketing and advertising your new carpet cleaning business.

Marketing and advertising is one of the most critical parts of a successful carpet cleaning business. To begin with advertising and marketing can be done through some of the old stand-bys such as a classified ads paper. The classified ads paper is the popular little magazine that many grab on their way out of any large grocery store to the small mom and pops convenience stores. A simple ad placement here can cost as little as $7 to $14 dollars a week and be a solid start to getting noticed by all those individuals looking for products and services on a budget.

The Yellow Book of course is an old friend for many entrepreneurs out there. The cost will usually be more than the cost of the classified ads, but this medium has been around and still used, although not as often today, but it is still a good way to be found quickly. Having a large ad as you will see later in this article, will actually not be as effective as most would like, but simply having your name in the Yellow Book should be a must on your list of places for marketing.

The newspaper has always been the place to be for many, many decades. Today however, those who used to fight for the T.V. guide space no longer find this as appealing as it once was due to technology and the power of cable. Today it might be better to be towards the opinion pages, sports pages and even in the local community section of the paper itself. Although all these mediums are great stand-bys, there has never been anything as cost effective and powerful as what comes next.

The Internet, when it comes to marketing and advertising for the carpet cleaning business this medium has been passed up for the most part. Some looking to the Internet believe that it is an expensive and confusing land of the lost, but this is not so. This medium for marketing and advertising is the most powerful and cost effective of any medium ever invented. There is no need for spending thousands for serious and deeply involved websites for the carpet cleaner this can be done with a simple blog hosted for less than $10 dollar a month. Learning how to use this medium only comes with a small investment and tax-write-off for a simple education in Internet marketing. The yellow book, newspaper and classified ads are giving way to Dex online, Craiglist and a simple blog with solid marketing pointing the way.

Online Business Marketing Solutions – Getting Your Website Listed In Search Engines

If you have an online business of your own and you wish to be able to generate a constant amount of high quality website visitors to your site that will provide you with a high conversion rate, then one of the best marketing and advertising methods for you is simply to get your website appearing highly in the major search engines. Even though your search engine results will not be immediate like can be seen through the use of other marketing solutions, search engine marketing lasts for a much longer time and provides highly targeted visitors to you consistently.

Getting your website listed in the search engines online gives you the potential to receive significantly better results than through mostly any other marketing solutions that are available. Your listings in the search engines will not just provide you with targeted traffic though, but it will also increase the value of your domain! The results you can receive by reaching even the first page of a major search engines can provide you with much better results than you usually see through other marketing solutions such as by submitting press releases, newspaper ads, banner ads, email campaigns, even newsletter marketing.

There are numerous places available online that allow you to submit your website to search engines. What many people do not know though is that these submission systems do not have to be used in order for your website to appear in search engine results. That’s right!…Don’t be too shocked now…With social networking and other marketing solutions available to you, it is getting easier to get listed in the major search engines. What do I mean by this? Well, if you utilize marketing solutions such as social networking or article marketing you can get your website associated with some other highly popular websites and by doing so your website will actually get indexed into the search engines when the search engine indexes the highly popular sites and follow your link when they do it! Doing this, you not only generate highly targeted website visitors through the search engines, but also directly from the social network marketing sites too, and it doesn’t even have to cost you anything to perform social network marketing! Do you now see the potential for you to see drastic increases of traffic if you choose to utilize social network marketing or article marketing to help your website get listed in and climb the search engine rankings?

Because of this relatively easy search engine submission you should be aware of such businesses that promise automatic submission of your website or websites for a hefty fee because you can just be wasting your hard earned money.

If social network marketing, article marketing, and other methods of getting your site associated with highly popular websites is not for you though then you can easily manually submit your website to the search engines. However, without optimizing your website and getting appropriate links heading to your website from other sites you will not usually be able to get very good rankings and thus, not very good traffic as a result.

Before you attempt to perform your chosen marketing solutions for your website so you can start generating highly targeted website visitors you absolutely must ensure that your website is complete and in a state that you yourself would appreciate if you were searching the Internet and visited the site. You will want to ensure that it is designed well, is keyword rich, and has appealing graphics and pictures that appear smoothly within your relevant content.

I touched on this very lightly earlier but the search engine optimization of your website will help it climb through the rankings to get to the top of the results. I am not covering it specifically in this article but it is definitely something you will want to find out about because of its importance. My eCourse that you can learn about at the end of this article actually includes an entire section on search engine optimization if you are interested in learning about it.

One very important thing to remember regarding your website marketing solutions is to include a sitemap of your site because it will make it easy for the search engine crawlers to be able to index your website and all associated pages within it. Your sitemap can direct the search engine robots around your site and can let it know which folders it should and should not index. This is a way to prevent specific folders that you don’t want public from appearing in search engine results while at the same time allowing ones that you do want to be seen by the general public. Without using a sitemap nowadays you are pretty much blowing all potential you have to achieve consistently high results in the search engines to help you get those highly targeted website visitors that you need so I highly recommend you add one to your website.

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What Is Video Marketing?: Video Business Marketing Solutions

What is video marketing? Video business is simply one of the fastest growing segments of the market. If you are looking for marketing solutions that work, then video marketing is the answer.

If you look at YouTube, there are some jaw-dropping stats. There are over 800 million unique visitors each month and over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month according to YouTube’s own stats.

So is it too late to learn how to market a business using video marketing? Absolutely not! Of course the rules have changed and what you do today is entirely different then when YouTube first came on the market in 2005.

Don’t expect viral marketing to be the answer either. Too many people think they have a video that will go viral, but that rarely ever happens.

So what makes an effective video for marketing? It can be broken down into three parts. People search YouTube for answers to their questions and video just happens to be the fastest growing segment of marketing.

If you can’t address someone’s concerns immediately, they will move on until they find a video that will answer their question.

The second part is all about how you provide information to your viewer. If you aren’t addressing their problem, they will find another reason to move on.

And the third part consists of asking the viewer to take some kind of action. Perhaps you have something of value that they can use to solve their problem.

People have busy lives and if they can find their answer in a short amount of time, they will respond to your message. If your goal is to just blatantly sell something, you will lose more often than you will win.

Video marketing is an opportunity to connect with your audience. They get to hear your voice and if you’re on camera, they get see the real you.

And don’t forget, many of the same principles you used elsewhere apply here too. For example, video SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial when marketing with video.

YouTube and Google marketing go hand in hand. The more information you provide them, the easier it is for them to rank your videos.

Initially the question was asked, “What is video marketing”? It’s a simple and very effective way to get to know your audience and provide them with answers to their problems. And when done effectively, it provides cost-effective marketing solutions for your business as well.